Rector`s Committee for the Gender Equality Plan
Rector`s Committee for the Gender Equality Plan

On April 22, 2021 with Order No. 44/2021 Rector of the University of Agriculture in Krakow established Rector's Commission for the Gender Equality Plan.

The main and pivotal task of the Commission is to develop and implement the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for the University of Agriculture in Krakow. The purpose of this document is to serve the academic community, so that our University becomes an even more friendly place for all employees and students.

In line with the mission and strategy of our Alma Mater, the University of Agriculture in Krakow is a safe, non-discriminatory institution that respects the principles of equality and diversity. The university is a unit that inspires and supports the entire academic community in professional and personal development.

The development of the GEP has been preceded by a diagnostic part: analyzes, research and consultations carried out at our University to determine the current situation, including the identification of potential problems and institutional barriers, and selection of areas requiring correction. In the implementation phase, training and other activities will be carried out to raise awareness of the importance of equality issues, as well as solutions supporting professional development or facilitating the combination of work and personal life. The next stage will be the monitoring phase, i.e. regular monitoring and evaluation of progress based on the declared indicators, and, if necessary, development of improvement measures. The plan was designed to take into account the needs of the academic community of the University and be tailored to its specificity.

Among the benefits of implementing the GEP and, more broadly, promoting gender equality in research organizations and higher education institutions, the positive impact on:

  • creating a better work and learning environment for ALL,
  • the sense of community,
  • the social dialogue and cooperation,
  • the personal and professional development,
  • attracting and retaining talent,
  • using the potential of diversity,
  • the quality of research and education,
  • the University's competitiveness in the scientific and social environment,
  • the possibility of active participation in grants and projects co-financed from external funds,
  • increasing awareness of gender equality issues.

We believe that implementation of the Gender Equality Plan will have a positive impact on various aspects of the University's functioning, including the comfort of work and study, which is a source of integration of the University's academic community.

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